Before heading home from my Yellowstone workshop I rode with David Archer from Gardiner MT to Jackson Hole Wyoming where the Grand Tetons are.  My plan was to stay for a day before driving to Salt Lake for the trip home.  I got some photos before nightfall and on the second day when it finally stopped raining for about an hour or so and the skies opened slightly for a short time and I was ready. 
You can just about see the Grand Tetons between the lower cumulus clouds and the higher cirrus clouds.  No, the irony is not lost on me, after complaining about not having clouds for an entire week in Yellowstone and now when I there was clouds I complained about the rain.     
Let's just say I have seen clouds from both sides now…
The Tetons are definitely on my list of places to go back and spend more time, maybe a future Hudson Henry workshop.

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