Each year from mid-February until late March the Canadian Geese, Tundra Swans, and Snow Geese stop in at Middle Creek to feast in the surrounding fields and pause on their journey to the north artic. 

About 40years ago these migratory birds began gathering there on their way north towards the arctic.  Each year there seems to be more that arrive when the weather gets just warm enough for the ice to be gone from the lake.  The peak, so far, was in 2017 when they estimated 230,000 Snow Geese visited during that period.  People are kept a good distance from the lake during this time, so you need a decent camera and a long enough lens if you plan on taking pictures.
You can see them live via a web cam here: Middle Creek.  The best times are between 9am-11am when they gather and again around dusk.  Unfortunately, the camera does not detect motion and just constantly pans back and forth across the lake.  No one knows what makes them all take flight at the same time occasionally.  
But when they do it is quite a site.

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