April Showers Bring May Flowers or so the saying goes…  Well April showers can also create an environment for some great sunsets if you have the time to look for them. Since most of our weather comes from the west sometimes the sun sets just as the storm has moved on.  We had a lot of quick storm lines move through this month so on a few occasions the timing was just right to produce great sunsets. 
It is absolutely amazing how the light can evolve during the time just before sundown and when twilight arrives.  Here are 3 different sunsets showing just how much the light and clouds can change in a single evening. 
The first row were taken on the same night, the first image was taken when I arrived, the next two were taken about 45 min later.  The second row shows how the changing clouds can impact the beauty of the night. 

Below I watched and captured the sun as it set behind the mountain across the river and then returned to the same spot before heading home.  As you may have noticed this is one of my favorite spots this time of year.  As we approach summer the position of the sun will move further north, and the mountains will hide the light well before sunset and I will need a new location.  This pseudo time lapse happened by accident but maybe I'll have to give a real time lapse a try one night. 
Some of the best sunsets develop when the clouds are much closer, and it is important to keep an eye to the southern and the northern skies as well.  This was taken facing to the north on a day when the clouds to the west were too dense.
 If you enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed taking them there are more to be found on this web site.
Check back regularly as I try to bring you my best photos from each month.